"Road to Toledo" – Romantic Adventure

Burke, a Texas insurance adjuster discovers the adventurer within when he teams up with Amanda, a beautiful Belizean treasure hunter, to rescue his kidnapped brother.

"Blood of the Lamb" – Horror

Co-written with Steve Metze
When a young man tracks down the necromancers who summoned a vengeful soul that seems to be stalking him, he finds a subculture that uses stolen memories as drugs.

"Revelations" – Comedy

Sam, an atheist who plays Jesus for a living, discovers that he's the second coming of Christ and must bring about the end of the world; he's willing to do it, but first he has to save his best friend's soul.

"Princess Falling" – Fairy Tale

A young girl is prophesied to overthrow the evil queen, but becomes her adopted daughter instead. When renegade militia elves kidnap the girl, she must choose between fulfilling her destiny and destroying the only mother she's ever known.

"Sky Island" – Children's

Based on a public domain novel by L. Frank Baum
Two young children use a magical umbrella to travel to a hidden and dangerous island in the sky.

"Home Base" – Coming of Age Drama

Two young boys kill their abusive father and run from the police in an effort to keep what's left of their family intact.