“Cory worked with me creating educational content for a new educational system for entry level workers in the food industry. The modules needed to be creative, engaging and fun for the audience we were targeting and she hit the mark directly. The product was a huge success and her contribution was in large measure responsible for that success. She was both creative and on time which is a rarity among the writers I usually encounter. She is very professional but has an open and playful attitude that makes working with Cory a delight. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Michael McGar, President, Alchemy Studios

“Cory is a huge talent. Her understanding of the art of story telling is superlative; her dialog, description and pacing all illustrate a deft and experienced touch. She writes what could be reality. On top of all of this, she is can produce pages incredibly fast when the objectives are clear and her re-writes are spot on.”

Robert Stewart, President, RFS Productions

“Cory is someone to whom you can give an assignment, and get it back done more thoughtfully, professionally and promptly than you could have ever expected. She is a complete professional, and takes time to investigate many ways to approach something before jumping in. This allows her to come up with creative solutions that are well targeted to the need of the project. I have hired her many times, and recommend her highly. “

Steve Wolf, President Wolf Stuntworks, LLC