Centerstripe Filmworks

  • "Shadow of the Valley" now "Across the Divide" (preproduction) – Thriller
    Co-written with Michael McGar
  • A group of BMX bikers on an overnight run steal money from drug smugglers and must fight to stay alive.

  • "Chinese Juliet," 15 part web series promoting an Italian restaurant in China.
  • A young Chinese woman falls in love with an Italian chef and conspires to surprise him when he opens a restaurant in Shanghai. 

Liam Finn

  • "The Bottom Line," Television Pilot
  • A recently disgraced hedge fund manager tries to redeem himself through helping family businesses.

RFS Productions

  • "44" aka "Big Bend" – Thriller
    Co-written with Brian Edgar
  • A Coyote is the only thing standing between the US and nuclear destruction.

Pyro Pictures

  • "Fox Trot 2" – Inspired by a true story – Drama
  • A woman discovers the strength to leave her abusive husband as she participates in a global air rally in a vintage plane.

Divine Zoo

  • "The Catalyst" – Animated Pilot
  • A wise, but prissy cat helps children in trouble while teaching about foreign cultures.

Alchemy Studios

  • 37 industrial and educational shorts involving working in the sausage making industry and working as a prison guard. Buy the interactive videos.

48-Hour Film Project

  • "Slim and Shorty vs. Evil" – Comedy
    Co-writer, short film
    Winner -- Audience Favorite Award